't Oogenblik - Leuven

’t Oogenblik, the gallery run by Johan Van Cutsem is situated in the inner city of Leuven, on a traffic-free square near Tiensestraat. The photographer permanently exhibits his own pictures, that are inspired by his awe for nature. The pictures make an abstraction of reality, and often make one think of paintings. An Icelandic glacier confronts black rain clouds in Botswana, a waterfall in Zimbabwe or an undefined mountain range in Ladakh.

In a second exposition area, temporary exhibitions are organised by interesting photographers with an particular view on the world. Tim Dirven, Ragnar Axelsson, Luc Castermans, Johannes Frank, Didier Frateur, Jasper Leonard, Raul Canibano, Thomas Bachot, Leopold Oosterlynck,Dominique Genin , Zoë Parton….

’T Oogenblik sells exclusive prints in a limited, signed and numbered edition.

Johan Van Cutsem

Tiensestraat 37, 3000 Leuven, België



De galerie is geopend van woensdag tot en met zondag, van 13u tot 18u.

De fotogalerie blijft, omwille van de coronacrisis, voorlopig gesloten